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    Monthly Data Allowance Concern


      On the reset day of my monthly data allowance, I woke up calling the customer service just a while after starting up my desktop computer because the Internet was too slow based on speedtest.net. I expected the Internet speed to go back up since it's the reset day of my monthly data allowance. And to make the situation even worse I had a scheduled online interview on the same day, It was too impossible for me to do skype due to bad Internet connection. The customer service said there was a problem with the system in our area. It was understandable to have a bad connection due to system problems. But, I asked about my data usage and he said I already used 3gb of data. What?! I already incurred 3gb by just browsing the internet?!.. Come on, I was just starting to use the Internet and 3gb is just too much. So I requested for them to reset it again yet I recieved no considerable feedback. Globe? What can you say about this? Please don't tell me you're also applying the same thing when people get robbed of their load.