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    Best globe internet plan


      Someone knows d best internet plan for my cp & accessories bussiness with cp repair.. i want to use internet for my cctv monitoring and cp programming.. i had no idea how many data can consume my 4 wifi cctv..

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          Hi anthonycastrormt! To answer your question, it will depends on your cctv but at the minimum one (1) cctv camera consume at least 512KBPS. The higher quality of your CCTV the higher KBPS or MBPS it will consume. I highly suggest to allocate 1Mbps per 1 CCTV. If you have 4 CCTV then go for 5Mbps Internet Subscription.


          You may see below Internet offerings of Globe myBusiness Internet:

          3Mbps - P1,299

          5Mbps - P1,599

          10Mbps - P2,499

          15Mbps - P2,999


          Also add a Static IP which cost P699/month. You can email [email protected] for further question. I hope you find this helpful.