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    student apply for plan


      Hi. I'm a college student and am planning to apply for a postpaid plan. The only proof of income that I can present are the remittance receipt/slips (palawan pawnshop pera padala) from the money sent to me by my parents. They are all 3k and above monthly. Do you think there'll be a high possibility of getting approved? I'm planning to get a plan 599. I don't have a bank account nor a credit card.

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          You can try applying for the SIM-only MyLifestyle Plan 599. You still need to be 18 years old or above, though. Present any valid ID with birthday and address and a 1-month advanced payment.

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            if line only application, need at least 2 valid ids.


            if your planning to avail a handset, you need to provide a proof of financial capacity.


            if no POF, i suggest apply for line only account, 499 , then after 6 months, you may avail gadget. you just need 6 months account tenurity, just call 027301300 option 1, option 1, mobile number, option 3 (termination or retention department) they cater line only account for handset availment provided your account renders at least 6 months tenurity.