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    Follow up on Transfer of Ownership


      Hi Globe.


      I was disappointed when I follow up the transfer of ownership, me and my sister filed last July 10, 2016. It is still not process. Why it took so long. We followed instructions accordingly and passed all the necessary requirements.

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          Hi terechiaoco!


          Where did you file the request?

          You can make a follow-up via phone. Just dial 211 using your Globe Mobile or (02)730-1000 for landline.


          Thank you.

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              I filed it at Globe Store SM Marilao. I called the hotline for so many times. Their advice is to go to SM Marilao for follow up. but sad to say mhilet bernardino, one who assisted us (or was she assisted us anyway?) is always not around! I didn't received any feedback from her on what would be problems why my request is not yet processed. Thanks.

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              M' Zel

              terechiaoco CSR at hotline gave you a better advice to visit at Globe Store for follow up. Yet you can also ask them if they can made escalation to SM Marilao for the follow up of your transfer of ownership request if you already submitted all needed requirements. Turn-around time 7 days once all documents are submitted. However, sometimes it took more than a week to set only your expectation

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