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      Hi everyone!


      Help naman if anyone from Globe handling postpaid account/globe tech/security group. I have a postpaid account suspended last August 23, 2016 due to out of the country travel.


      Last September 3, 2016, I sent an email to [email protected] requesting to resume my account but no reply, thus, yesterday I called the hotline 211 for same concern. However, the agent could not resume my account due to a system error which requires her to create an escalation report for the support group to further check the account.


      Yesterday, in the afternoon the agent call me to give an update, I was informed that my line could no longer be resumed and I have to visit the globe store, I asked the reason behind, but she did not disclose it.


      I called 02 7301300 and talk to a RETENTION/SAVE DESK DEPARTMENT AGENT, I told to officer Abby regarding my concern, after checking the account, I was informed that my account needs to be TERMINATED once done, I will be required to visit the Globe Store to " REQUEST to RE-ESTABLISHED" the account. I keep on wondering why my account is need to be subjected to such process wherein I don't see any justification or  a valid ground.


      My account has no over due balance (over payment pa nga), never been redirected due to non payment, and never I used my account for any unlawful activities considering that my number is almost a perfect number.


      Hence, if anyone from Globe can help me to fix my account without having it TERMINATED please help niyo ko.


      To Terminate my line and request for reactivation is NOT MY OPTION, unless Globe will give me a 100% assurance that my number will be retained IF NOT Globe must exhaust all possible option to fix my account.