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    How to view connected devices on a Globe modem


      Hey! So our modem was replaced by a new Prolink H5004NK which is also a Wi-Fi router.
      Before this, we had a 5+ year old modem with a separate router which had a nice bandwidth graph and a list of connected devices with their respective MAC addresses.


      So how do I view the same one with this new modem we have? It can't be connected with our old Wi-Fi router. I can view it's settings by going to but I can't see any bandwidth graph, a list of connected devices or even the MAC addresses of any device connected to the modem on the Status>Device_Info tab. I saw a lot of similar posts to mine but the answers are very vague like "on the GUI when you are able to go to, there should be a list of connected devices/MAC addresses" but nope on our modem there's no such thing in it's status tab or anywhere Any help would be deeply appreciated and gets a treat from me