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    What should i do?


      I have a 10mbps lte plan. Pero the thing is nakukuha ko lng 1mbps (1.5mbps if lucky) sa umaga tapos madalas no browse na sa gabi. Tumataas lang speed ko 2am to 6am. Can't change cell id also kasi eto lng talaga nasasagap ko. Medicion 1-C IMUS, Cavite area ko.


      Cell id: 0337003-032

      Rsrq: -8dbm

      Rsrp: -84dbm

      Rssi: -55dbm

      Sinr: -20


      May plano ba ang globe na pagandahin ang services nila? Im using my smart lte pocket wifi right now. And i have a perfect 5 bar lte signal inside w/o antenna.

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          Hi j0shua,


          I suggest you to request for on-site inspection to test and check your current connection. There might be issues affecting your connection such as the placement of your modem or antenna, interference, and congestion (if wireless). Please contact any of the support channels to schedule the inspection. Contact Us .


          Hope this move will help you with your data concern.