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    I can't use my data


      I tried to restart, change data network settings, i even tried talking to live chat agent online and by trying to send HELP to 1234. But they always have this "All our agents are busy at the moment. Please try again later." I did try a lot of times but i always get the same message. i have 700mb of free Data and i don't want it to be wasted

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          Hi Princess,


          Did you try switching your phone to airplane mode? and also, try to change the APN setting by resetting it to default.


          Or maybe, if you're on prepaid, I think it would require you to have at least 5.00 pesos load credit.

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            Hi princesslouise!


            Is that your first time to encounter the issue?

            What specific device you are using?

            Did your APN settings has been set to default?


            Globe Prepaid APN:  http.globe.com.ph

            Globe Postpaid APN: internet.globe.com.ph


            How about calling 211 using your Globe/TM handyphone?