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    About pre termination fee for gadget



      Good morning Ma'am/Sir,


      Gusto ko lang po sana itanong bakit po nacharge yung plan ko  sa pre termination fee for gadget? Actually po na matagal ko na po hindi nagagamit yung sim kasi nung huli po kong nagbayad is nung last February eh hindi naman po bumalik yung data or load sa phone ko. Kaya hindi ko na lang po muna binayadan. Tapos wala po ko narereceive na if magkano balance ko. Magbabayad na po sana ko last month kaso wala nga po ko narereceive na bill. Tapos invalid sim na po yung sim ko kaya hindi ko na talaga sya nagagamit.

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          Baka na terminate your account mo due to non-payment and it was terminated within contract thus may charge in pre-termination fee. have you checked your registered mail? usually kasi nasa email na pinapadala yong billing statement... now if you don't want to settle the pre-termination fee but wanted to continue your plan, you may visit Globe store for account activation. PTF will be waived but you need to settle the outstanding balance...

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            Hi lyniel-23 !


            The pre - termination fee for gadget is being charged to all Postpaid customers if permanent disconnection has been processed within the contract. Your line has been permanently disconnected due to an unpaid balance. That's why, if you are going to insert your SIM, it will tell you that it was no longer valid.


            Your Monthly Fee for your Postpaid Plan is continues even if you will not use the SIM. If there's a problem in the future, like connection issues, don't hesitate to call the hotline for assistance.


            Hope this clarifies your inquiry.

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                Sir so I need to settle the amount po? Kahit hindi ko naman nagagamit yung sim?

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                    I suggest, if the Pre-Termination Fee charged to you was huge amount, your option is one of the following:


                    1. You may continue your account, just visit the nearest Globe Store to request for RE-ACTIVATION. Here, you need to settle the unpaid balances except the pre-termination fee for the handset availed, or;


                    2. You may asked for consideration (however this is subject for approval) for the reduction or adjustment of your bill, provided you have a valid reason like unused Monthly Service Fee, but the Pre-Termination Fee will be intact, or;


                    3. You may asked for payment arrangement, in this option you may settle your obligation by installment (complicated process), failure to comply the payment arrangement agreement you might be subjected to civil case later on, or; last


                    4. If for any reason you can not pay your obligation, in the meantime, don't pay, in this option you will be receiving call or text from a collection agency demanding you to pay, but later on, titigil din yan. The consequence, however, you will not be able to apply another account at Globe.


                    The best possible option here is the No. 1, continue your account, request for reactivation, unlike you will pay the pretermination for the handset.

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