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    Someone with GCASH i can trust? asking for a little help.


      someone with a high reputation here with a Gcash whom i could trust?


      I wanted to have my prepaid load shared to another person with a Gcash then have him buy it as a load for my smart number.


      it's not a big amount. here's the process.


      > I will share P230
      > You will transfer that amount to Gcash minus the
          10% fee which will lower the amount to P207

      > You use your Gcash to buy me P200 load for my smart number


      I had my globe number loaded with the intention of using it on play store. now my account wont verify when i register, rendering my prepaid load useless for me.


      I asked for a solution a weeks ago. no one seemed to have the capabilities to solve this problem.

      Error Can't Verify Account. Please Try Again Later. Globe Telecom Billing.