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    Postpaid application


      Hi guys, gonna be applying for my first postpaid line. Been working for several years now but I don't have any documents for proof of billing and no credit card. Also, is it possible to use my company address as the billing address? Any tips will be appreciated

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          Hi cai1905If your concern is the proof of billing requirement, you can use airway bill. It's one of the options provided by Globe. 

          - Any Acceptable ID with Address
          - Credit Card Statement
          - Public Utility Bills (electric, water, cable)
          - Bank Statement
          - Notarized Contract of Lease
          - Airway Bill

          Airway Bill is the piece of paper you receive from any courier service work your name and address on it. I used my airway bill from Lazada 
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            any proof of Identification that has address on it can also be used as proof of billing address like Postal ID or Driver's License

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