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    Free phone after 6 months


      Hi! I have a sim-only postpain plan from globe with a monthly bill of 599 (myLifestyle plan). The  agent I spoke with yesterday told me that after 6 months with this plan, I will be eligible for a free phone (as part of the plan subscription). Next week will be my 6th month, may I know which phones can be availed (for free) for this plan? Thank you!

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          There's no FREE phone after 6 months of usage of any plan. What the agent might have told you is that after 6 months, you can renew your plan or you are eligible for recontracting with longer period of months - 24 months. In recontracting, you have the option to choose any phone or unit bundled with any plan. They say it's free since there are phones which does not require any CASH OUTS. Better call 027301300 using your line for free.