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    HOOQ unable to register acct!


      Hello! Its been three days now that i got my 2499 plan with iPhone 6s unit. Now, my concern about hooq is that i cant make my own acct in that app, even registering it through FB. Why is that? I tried registering to hooq.tv site, then they sent me a code, but where will i use this code? I cant even access the acct! anyway, i got HOOQ as a 3mos freebee of my plan. Can somebody help me with this? please..

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          I think you should be contacting [email protected] and report your issue of unable to create new account.


          BTW, For iOS users, you can only register via web browser. Here's the link https://user.hooq.tv/


          the activation code can be used on Availment Method page after you fill-up and completed the registration page. Select “Globe Activation Code” to register the code provided. You will be receiving a welcome and verification email from HOOQ after registration process.