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    Two issues still unresolved.


      Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my post. Im not sure how to go about phrasing this exactly and im not sure of the posting etiquette on this site. However, I hope someone can help me.

      Id take any info i can get.

      Links to the appropriate pages, tips whichever. Please.

      My phone model is -  SAMSUNG-SM-G530AZ


      Ive done the basic troubleshootings.



      1.) My first issue is the fact that ive paid for the 4g prepaid deal 1 week promo. My speed is almost a megabyte. It should be around 30 megabytes judging by everyone else i see using this promo. Its not worth the money i pay to use it at this rate.  It never shows a 4g or a 3g symbol, amd when i look into the service mode, it says i am on EDGE2 and it never changes. Wcdma or Lte only, make it cut off entirely with no connection. Ive recieved no help, so im hoping someone can explain how i can actually get my 4g. It just shows an E constantly.


      2.) My globe telecom billing constantly says it cant verify my account when i try to purchase an app or any in app  purchases. Such as lives in angry birds, or a rentable movie on google play store. Ive also recieved no help with this.

      The message is : sending sms to globe to verify your billing// error cant virify your account. Or something close to that .

      Help if you can, please and thank you.

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          First off, welcome to Globe Community. To answer your question:


          1. Based on the model of your Samsung Device this model comes from Cricket Telecom, the reason you are not able to get LTE it's because your device does not support Globe's LTE frequency. Upon checking your phone only supports LTE frequency bands: LTE B2/B4/B5/B12/B25 while Globe LTE uses B3. However, you should be able to at least get 3G or HSDPA speed. Check your APN settings, if you are using Globe Prepaid sim the correct APN should be http.globe.com.ph if you are on a Postpaid the correct APN should be internet.globe.com.ph


          2. As for purchasing Apps from Google Play I know there are still issues with this, I suggest that you try calling the hotline using your Globe mobile dial 211 or using landline dial 730-1000 and report your concern.