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    Globe reward points


      Im using prepaid sim pls help me globe sinubukan ko na po lahat gservices

      and reward apps lahat po nv redeem ko bawal nagtry ko mag redeem ng

      GOSURF99 ayaw mag balance ako ayaw din sinubukan ko mag share sa isa kung

      sim ayaw padin eto plage nalabas na txt ni 4438


      Sorry, your request can't be processed as of the moment due to a system

      activity. We will let you know once our activity has been completed. Thank



      Baka sabihin nyo po sa location FYI po ung sakin lang po ang ganito dito sa

      location namin ung sa friend at asawa ko active ung sakin lng talaga hindi

      ko alam kung anu publema ng sim ko matagal nako globe user pero now lng

      nangyari ito


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          Hi kyler31. I'm sorry to know that you are experiencing this kind of problem. Please try restarting your phone and reinserting your SIM.


          Question lang, Nakakapag sms and call ka naman or access internet via wi-fi?

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              Yes nanakapag txt naman ako at call pero ung redeem lng ang ayaw nag try

              ako na mag download ng gservices ang reward application ok naman din sa

              wifi connection pag add account ko sa number ko ang lumalabas na points ko

              is 0 remaining points pero meron pa po ako 399 points ano po ba ito na bug

              pls fix this issue this is my number 09054303097 paki check po pls sayang

              naman ang points ko dito


              On 16 Sep 2016 3:43 PM, "vinoriarte" <[email protected]>

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              It also happened to me if using web and even *143#. I am successful though if I just TEXT the request to 8888. Texting it to the new number 8080 would also fail so I guess there really is a transition going on.

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                Now everything fails and I have reported the issue several time but to no avail.


                It used to work if I texted the request to 8888 but not anymore. Won't work if I text to 8080 or 4438 and via *143#. Globe would reply "Sorry, your request can't be processed as of the moment. Please try again later. Thank you."


                If done via Web through Globe's rewards page, it would always fail with the following reply "GOSURF99 - Failed - ERROR RECEIVED AT 3PP PROVISIONING"


                Please note that I have attempted several times and even at unholy hours of the day.

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                  Same problem now kay ate girl.