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    Automatic Subscription to Roaming Data (international)


      We recently traveled abroad (to Hongkong) and boy where we surprised with the partnership with Globe and the international telco's.


      Having a signal abroad is fun. What is not fun is that immediately after landing, we got a message that we will be subscribed to an unlimited data plan. All you need to do is use the cellular data.


      I was surprised, and quickly turned off celldata. Too late. You know how apps are, there are those that constantly check for data connection. And Boom, I unwittingly got myself subscribed (after turning off celldata one second too late). I learned I still got subscribed when I got the message that my subscription ended.


      The worse part? We went to a sidetrip to shenzhen, china, and I also got a separate bill for that.


      And since each is P500, my bill is now P1,000 higher than normal. Good times.


      I wish that the subscription was optional - i.e. I really need to register, and not automatic.


      Thanks a lot, Globe.