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    Inquiring on application


      Hello! I have tried calling all tour customer hotlines fromand it seems I can't reach any of your customer service representative.


      I would like to inquire an application for the mylifestyle plan of iphone 6/6s, i dont really recall. I have been having alot of trouble with PLDT regards to my connection and I need a secondary source of internet when my connection in PLDT goes down for the two sites I need for work. And I would also like a phone that can handle applications for my work so I can monitor my tickets on Zendesk and messages receibed by my supervisor on Hipchat when I am not at home.


      This is very urgent since I have been delayed in work for and been absent for a few days because of the problems that I have received from PLDT. This job is very important to since tou don't get to find a job that you can do at home with a flexible hour. But ofcourse qouta is still needed to be accomplished. Thank you very much.