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    Handset Delivery


      Hello, guys!


      I was approved for an iPhone Plan. One agent from globe asked me if I'm available on the 9th to have my handset delivered. I said I prefer the handset to be delivered on the 16th instead. Unfortunately, their courier came and delivered it on the 9th. I wasn't ready that time that's why I haven't claimed it. I told the courier that it should be delivered on the 16th, (today). Has anyone had an experience with this? Was you handset delivered on the date you told the courier? One of the Globe agents said the courier didn't return he handset to them yet. Will it be delivered today? Thanks!

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          M' Zel

          I'm sorry for the inconvenience you've experienced. I think you better to follow up the delivery of your handset thru hotline. If it was line application, call the hotline 211 or (02)730-1000 24 hours operating time for the follow up since since it was already after sales and ask for the reference number. If it was recontracting, call (02)730-1300 8AM-10PM. Hope you can get already your iphone