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    Php 1,299 - 10Mbps new promo


      I just wanna ask if what is the data cap per day?And is it worth it to apply the plan 1299? I just want to know because I might change to globe. Thank You! I need feedback guys.

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          It doesn't have a daily cap, but rather a 100GB monthly data allowance. Once you consume that, your speed will be throttled to 30% of your plan speed (around 3Mbps for the 10Mbps plan).

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            10 mbps LTE = 50gb      Monthly Data Allowance

            10 mbps DSL = 100gb    Monthly Data Allowance


            I guess it depends on your needs.


            Lets say, if I'm only a single heavy user then it shall be worth trying.


            If you consume the monthly data allowance you will have a 30% of 10 mbps which is about 3mbps. Not bad, right?

            It's the same as paying 1,299 for 3mbps which was an old plan of Globe.


            I just wonder how they calculate the DATA CAP. Because I had an experience wherein It was the reset date for the Monthly Data Allowance. Which means the speed should be back to normal upon using the Internet. Usually I do the speedtest everytime they RESET the Data Cap, and so I did. The result was an upset, I got very slow internet. I called them and said there was a problem with the system in our area. I could understand now why the slow internet. But then, I asked about my monthly data allowance they had it reset. They said yes, but to my surprise I already incurred 3gb of Data without even browsing or playing dota. And note, I was just starting to use the Internet when I called them. Did not even browse a single page except the speedtest. How come?.


            They weren't able to answer me though. And I just let it go.