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    Globe Eat My Load need Help


      hello i have been using globe since 2009 and i didn't have any problem in my load. but this september 7 2016 i load 20 pesos and i only text 3to4 time and after that i already have zero load balance. and on sept 9 2016 i try to load 20pesos againt and i only text 1 message and the next day i already have 4peso load balance... and today sept 18 2016 i loaded 50peso load and i only text 1 message.. and when i check my load i only have 34load balance can you help me..... im using cherry mobile C7i


      can you help me


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          There are several factors affecting your load balance. First, make sure you are not receiving unsolicited texts from 4-digit numbers. Sometimes, they really eat your load without your consent. Believe me. I've been a victim.

          Another one is make sure you are not connected to the Internet without a valid promo. Regular rates of P5/15 minutes shall apply if SurfAlert is not active.