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    10GB Capping for DSL Broadband 5mbps Plan.


      cap.pngHi @Globe Community,


      Help me understand. I signed up for 5mbps DSL Broadband (not LTE) and been using it for 2yrs now.


      Woke up this morning to login for work and received a notification on my browser that I'm about to exceed my 10GB daily allowance.

      Really? Never saw this error before. Before I signup for this plan, the Sales rep told me it has no CAPPING/LIMIT for Broadband, unless i'll get the LTE. Called the support rep today and they can't even give me a clear explanation on this. Why only now, DSL with capping?? Not a happy camper. Same with my Globe Postpaid, i recently renew my contract with you @Globe and I can't even redeem my free 3 months Spotify. Called your Postpaid support 3x and was going nowhere, kept registering spotify.globe.com.ph, got the code but after entering the code. Nothing happens. So I guess I'll just let that free thing pass. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.