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    Globe Postpaid


      Hey there!

      Just want to ask question regarding on how to activate my free spotify premium on my postpaid plan.


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              on GoSURF who activated Spotify Premium for free :

              - you will get Spotify text notifications

              - follow the link or else go to : http://spotify.globe.com.ph

              - enter your postpaid #

              - you will receive a verification code

              - submit that verification code

              - then you may log in using your FB or email acct

              just to remind you that u only have free 3 months of spotify premium . After the 3rd month, you will be auto-renewed to paid Spotify129 which will on top of you monthly recurring fee unless you unsubscribe by texting GOSURF SPOTIFY STOP to 8888.


              - i hope it will helps you

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              M' Zel

              riamaye01 If the above suggestion wont work, you can try the following steps :

              1. Go to: www.spotify.com

              2. log in existing account

              3. Click Get Premium

              4: Under payment option

              click globe logo

              5: Input mobile number and wait for the confirmation code


              It is free for 3 months only from the date you have free spotify