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    I want to change my telephone from wired to wireless


      I know it is possible to change the wired telephone which was installed by globe installer when I applied for globe tattoo home DSL Bundle Plan 1299 with free telephone line and free call to any globe / TM number but they issued me the wired telephone. A close friend of mine told me that they do have this kind of internet plan but their telephone was wireless, it is more convenient to use if wireless. And as of now, I can't use our wired phone to call. It doesn't have a DIAL TONE.

      I want to change my wired to wireless telephone. Can you please help me?


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          if your plan is DSL plan, Globe will be providing you a wired telset. they have cordless telset but I think it has extra charge for the telset.


          Your friend might be using LTE Plan thus they have this Wireless phone called SuperHome Phone which they can carry around and use as landline..


          if you really want to have a Wireless phone called Super Home Phone, you need to change your service from DSL to LTE plan. you need to call 211 or (02) 730-1000 for the said request. note that your landline number will change if you will change from DSL to LTE.


          now if you wanted to stick on DSL plan and have the wired telset, call 211 or (02) 730-1000 using any Globe mobile phone to have you account checked and request for onsite repair.


          you may also contact Globe via channels listed on this link --> http://www.globe.com.ph/contactus