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    Loyalty reward is a BIG joke


      We have called the Globe hotline about our loyalty reward and have been repeatedly told to wait for 24 hours and a representative from the loyalty department will call us. it has been months and we are still waiting for that call. Is this really how Globe works now? You call them to report a problem, they make you wait for 20 minutes or even more, only to tell you that they can't do a thing about it except make a report,

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          we have same sentiment, i have encountered such problem first quarter of this year. Unfortunately, no one, nobody addressing to resolve the issue.


          this is a hopeless case.


          thus, the new tagline of globe rewards now is, "Being with Globe has never been this frustrating."


          error: sharing points or gifting rewards via mobile app and website is not allowed.

          solution: remove such useless feature.




          I wonder also, globe rewards/loyalty department are not aware the globe rewards points program, itanong mo sa kanila wala ka makukuha matinong sagot.

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            same sentiment here.  i have been waiting for Globe to resolve the issue and customer service is pointing to technical support as not acting on the request or not giving feedback.  So frustrating to follow up.  We are not given any contact information to call technical support directly. Please let us know if you find a way to resolve the issue. Thanks.

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              Usually yung "Loyalty Rewards" nila is to offer a a new line. Kahit na ilang beses ko na sabihin ayaw ko ng new line kulit pa rin. Nung nirenew ko yung postpaid contract ko nagpareserve ako ng Phone packge 2 months before. Nung kukunin ko na no stock or phase out na raw. Napilitan na lang ako pumili ng phone na di ko gusto. grr. Di naman nila ineentertain complaints


              Tama itong tagline nila "Being with Globe has never been this frustrating."