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    Problem about lte


      my iphone 6 was bought in hawaii. Previous carrier was att. I had it open line in here. But the problem is I cannot connect to lte even though I am in lte area. My sister was beside me enjoying lte but I can't. It starts to get into my nerves. I havent experience it since then. How can I fix this?

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          Good day again pacataval!


          Just so you know, international phones have different signal bands than the ones that are used here in the Philippines. As you mentioned, your phone is from AT&T. AT&T supports bands 17(700Mhz), Band 5(850Mhz), Band 2(1900Mhz), Band 4(1700/2100Mhz) currently. Globe then supports Band 3 (1800 Mhz) since 2012. With the news that GLOBE has acquired the band 17(700Mhz) from San Miguel Corp., you may be able to experience LTE real soon.

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