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    Complaint about my account


      Where can i forward my complaint about globe's customer service? pls not the 211 hotline because im already fed up with your csr.

      my dilemma with globe was simple a transfer of service and follow up after follow up i was told the same scripted line pls. keep your lines open as we will notify you within 48 hours and this has been going on since march. i never received any notification from globe it's as if i was totally forgotten then after 6 months your guys from collections calls me and tells me i owe you guys $13,000? when i specifically told the last agent that i spoke to please just cut off my subscription with you guys since you never transferred the service never have i received a notification not by email, call or text about my request. i have even tried your globe's fb page never did i get a response. And i also want to complain about their collections people for being rude and to please teach them how to deescalate a call from an irate customer, who would not go ballistic with the kind of dilemma i have?

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          Call the Retention Department, if your currently out of the country, roaming hotline is +6327301212, choose Cancellation/Termination Department.


          while 211 or 027301300, at Postpaid care they could not handle termination of account although they have means to transfer your call to Retention Department to address your concern, they also cater request for change ownership provided you will submit necessary documents.


          if however, your in the country, try to visit Globe Store nearest you, they could help you change ownership and/or bill adjustment if say for instance you incurred charges due to fault or delay in processing your request. Please note, your account must have no overdue balance so that any modification or request will be allowed by the system.