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    Problem with internet slow speed


      hello good day! may question lang sana ako. i have a 1299 plan, and i consumed my data allowance already so ang speed ng 3mbps ko suppose to be 90 - 100kbps nlng right? 30% of 3 mbps. pero bakit ngayon naging 30 kbps nlng ang speed? sa suppose to be mga 100 kbps or may mali ako

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          Same, I thought it was just a tech problem. I never had this issue before and only started experiencing this 3 days ago. Was the throttling only recently implemented? Plus this is the first time I've heard of the 30% if true. I wish Globe made announcements like that instead of having to find out only after the fact


          Now "LTE" speed is (at best) 30kbps like yours, and it averages 18-25kbps only. Quite too much I think. I hope Globe clarifies this, our internet might as well be 2G right now.

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