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    Recontracting free handset delay due to "Bayantel" balance?


      Hi Everyone,



      I applied for a Recontracting of my Globe Plan 1799 through Globe Loyalty Hotline 730-1300 last August 25, 2016. A CSR verified my account and was told that a namesake  (same first, middle and last name) has an outstanding balance in Bayantel with Account Number 701565136 and a resident of 32 CB Dollar Street, Pasong Tamo, Quezon City. That the same namesake has the same birth date as mine but did not have the same exact details as of my mother's maiden name.   I told the Globe CSR that I am not that person nor do I have existing or previous subscription or account with Bayantel.  I went to Globe Glorietta store last August 26 and submitted the following:



      * Affidavit of Denial

      * Letter of Request

      * Photocopy of two valid IDs I was told to follow up after 5 to7 days






      I called last September 1 in 730-1300 and was told that no feedback yet from an investigating committee.  I was given this Reference Number 41768362

      I followed up on September 6 and was told that there is no feedback yet

      I followed up last September 16 up to today September 29 and yes, was told again that there is no feedback



      I sent a PM in Globe's official FB page and a CSR just sent me a link on recontracting - contents of which I already know.



      It is frustrating and weird because:


      Globe will not give you your free hand set as a reward for two year loyalty subscription because of this supposed "Bayantel" account and yet they allow you to continue/re-contract the subscription.



      Do anyone receive notification that their lock in period has matured? Appreciate any help!



      Thank you!