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    Any updates on Note 7 Exchange Program?


      Samsung released a notice that they will now start the Note 7 exchange program starting October 1. This simply means I can exchange my old Note 7 with the battery issue for a new Note 7, hopefully without the battery issue.


      I asked your Greenhills V-mall branch last October 2 and they said they don't exchange Note 7. The agent (Reyda Barrera) said that Globe does not have Note 7 stocks and are not releasing any new Note 7. He advised me to ask Samsung directly about it.


      So I went to Samsung Service Center in Megamall and they said that they cannot replace my unit since Globe supplied it and by policy, Globe has to replace it.


      Can anyone share their experience on this and give direction on what to do or who to talk to? It's not fun to go around in circles with no definite answer.

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          I had my recalled unit personally picked up by Globe last September 22. Upon pick up, they weren't able to advise me when will my replacement unit be delivered (though based on our first convo, replacement units for Globe subscribers will be available starting Oct 1).So I decided to call them again to confirm the delivery date of my device. However much to my disappointment, no reliable information was handed to me.


          After several calls to Globe, they finally called me yesterday for the replacement of my Note 7. Based on our conversation, my replacement unit will be delivered on Oct 10 in my preferred delivery address but i think that delivery dates vary depending on your location (for store pick up, the agent wasn't really sure when will the stock be available in their stores).


          So i suggest that you call Globe regarding the replacement process for your device. If you are a re-contracting subscriber, best that you contact the loyalty department.