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    Hi Globe. Can you review this please.


      Hi Globe,



      Whoever will answer this email, kindly read this carefully and the notes on my case number.

      After I got my Note 7, just one week Samsung releases statement that they will recall it and replace it.

      I immediately call Globe. You said you will contact me in a week.

      After a week, I got a text from you that expect a call within 3 days.

      Days past, week past, I received no call. But my officemate received a call about the waver thing.

      Another week past, still no call from you, I already call Hotline 5 times, also chat your agent, but still saying "WAIT FOR THE CALL"



      9/30/2016 - i went o Greenbelt Store, case number was created 101044204 . Then the agent said within 4 days Globe will call me.

      That week, my officemate got another call, for the schedule of the replacement of his Note 7! Wow that was fast, but me??? even the INITIAL call of the waver thing, you still didn't call me.



      10/7/2016 - enough is enough, I waited for another week but still no INITIAL CALL. But my officemate already have his unit replace. WOW!

      I then again went to Greenbelt Store, same case number, they say they will email whoever that is handling this. Then he will text me for the response within the day or two.



      So in summary:

      1. I'm still waiting for the INITIAL call.

      2. I don't care about the INITIAL call anymore.

      3. Just give a sched on when can I pickup the replacement

      4. Just replace my unit please please please.




      Patrick Munar