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    Upload Speed


      Thou , I was happy for the Download Speed update, which is now way faster than the older plans.

      The Upload speed never change.


      Is there a way for me to enhance or increase the upload speed?

      as of now my Upstream Rate caps from 1100-1200kbps which is roughly 1mbps


      My plan is 1599, so my DL speed is at 15Mbps..

      but ofcourse i still cant stream video games or stream atleast decent quality videos in general

      because the stream itself need a stable upload speed..


      and if you are a Live Streamer or atleast you want to, (ex. YouTube or Twitch)

      You would need atleast this kind of speed to be able to stream with only 0-10secs delay for the viewers.

      Upload Speed
      Video Quality


      ok so let say I am fit to stream that 240p(although who the heck would watch a crappy pixelated stream..)

      but the game itself would need an upload speed so that your PC can send data to the server.

      (urgh, complicated things but i think you get my point)


      anyway, since the stream itself ate your upload speed, there will be nothing left for your Online Game..

      which leads you to be unable to connect to the server, meaning you cant play the game.


      soooo~ after all these unnecessary explanation..

      Is there a way for me to increase the speed of my Upload speed?


      Personally.. I don't mind, if some of my download speed will be transferred to the upload rate.



      I already ask if Fiber-Optic is available (which is the logical choice), but it seems its not available in my area.

      so if there is any other method i could use. or atleast increase the cap of my upload speed.. that would be greatly appreciated.