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    Lost Phone


      My Asus Zenfone Selfie has been stolen. Any suggestions to block it so that it won't be used again? It uses Globe sim card by the way. Thanks!

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          you can block your phone if you have the box with you that contains the IMEI number all you need to do is call the NTC.


          here are the Hotlines



          Regional OfficeRegional DirectorTelephone/ Fax No.
          NTC Metro Manila
          BIR Rd., East Triagle, Diliman, Quezon City
          Tel: (02) 926-7722
          Fax: (02) 924-4072 / 929-5112
          Email: [email protected]
          NTC Region I


          California Ave.,
          San Francisco St.,
          San Fernando, La Union

          Dir. Amadeo Y. Yabes

          Tel: (072) 888-2953

          Fax: (072) 242-1807
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region II

          JP Enrile Blvd., Carig

          Tuguegarao, Cagayan

          Dir. Reynaldo Sta. Maria

          Tel: (078) 846-7071

          Fax: (078) 846-7071
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region III

          Bo. Maimpis, San Fernando


          Dir. Eleuterio P. Navarro, Jr.

          Tel: (045) 963-4905

          Fax: (045) 961-3743/ (045) 963-4905
          Dir. Office: (045) 961-3743
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region IV

          Diversion Road,
          Batangas City

          Dir. Lilia B. Dela Pena

          Tel: (043) 723-2495

          Fax: (043) 723-1246
          Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

          NTC Region V

          Govt Center, Rawis

          Legaspi City

          Dir Rozli R. Lozares

          Tel: (052) 482-0400

          Fax: (052) 214-3053
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region VI

          Brgy. Quintin Salas,
          Jaro, Iloilo City

          Dir. Delilah F. Deles

          Tel: (033) 508-5353

          Fax: (033) 320-2251
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region VII

          Wireless, Subangdaku

          Mandaue City, Cebu

          Dir. Danilo T. Sy

          Tel: (032) 346-8596

          Fax: (032) 346-0687
          Dir. Office: (032) 422-6822
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region VIII

          Army Road,

          Tacloban City

          OIC Jerry S. Tacay

          Tel: (053) 321-2314 / (053) 325-5181

          Fax: (053) 325-8519
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region IX

          Cabatangan Hills,
          Zamboanga City

          Dir Edgardo R. Cecorila

          Tel: (062) 991-1903

          Fax: (062) 993-2881
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region X


          Cagayan De Oro City

          Dir. Samuel A. Young

          Tel: (08822) 72-6908 (Admin. Div.)/ (088) 858-4800

          Fax: (08822) 72-3285 (Office of the Regional Director)
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region XI

          Quimpo Blvd.
          Ecoland Matina, Davao City

          Dir. Ricardo S. Onate

          Tel: (082) 298-2355

          Fax: (082) 296-0625
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC Region XII

          117 Quezon Blvd.,

          Kidapawan, Cotabato City

          OIC Rudy C. Valdez

          Tel:(064) 288-5348

          Fax: (064) 288-5348

          Dir. Office: (064) 278-3054
          Email: [email protected]

          NTC - CAR

          NTC-CAR Bldg.,
          Leonardwood Road,
          Pacdal Circle, Baguio City 2600

          Dir. Sylvia I. Marcelo

          Tel: (074) 442-9342

          Fax: 074) 442-9342
          Dir. Office: (074) 304-4877 / (074) 304-4876
          Email: [email protected]

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            globe provided po ba ung phone? if yes we can create a black listing request to block the imei of your phone