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    what is the problem with globe internet connection?


      What is the problem with Globe Internet connection? I am subscribed to the  3mbps plan with HOOQ and free landline wireless phone package  and I have no problems Until 6 days ago...the internet speed is so slow and I have even problems opening this website since I have to wait for 5-10 minutes to load it...checked my dl speed at Speedtest.net and I saw that I am only getting 10-20Kbps in download speed? what the hell is that? I tried calling customer services but all I get is a machine recording telling there are system errors in some parts of the PH which I am not a part of since I live in Valenzuela City...and there is no call center representative to answer my queries...is something wrong with Globe's connection? I have done almost everything from turning the router on/and off it's already like a daily habit for me but still SLOW INTERNET...what is my compensation for this? I am still gonna pay full price even if I didn't get anything much from my internet connection? it's almost a week now of slow internet....