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    15 Mbps upgrade, hard-capped at 13 Mbps (Oct 2016)


      Hi, I have an issue regarding my speed being consistently hard-capped at 13 Mbps, when I've applied for a 15 Mbps plan. If you can check my call history, I've already called tech support so many times since the upgrade, but all of those occasions, no one was able to solve my issue, they even sent a technician to check the cabinet and he (on-site technician) told me that he can’t do anything about it because your network engineers are the only ones who can modify my settings.


      The typical answer of your tech support is that I’m not really going to reach my 15 Mbps, they also keep on saying that it only can reach “up to 15 Mbps”, both of which are contradicting and somehow vague statements, when in reality, speedtest.net results show only an average of 12.86 Mbps down/1.09 Mbps up/14ms ping using the supplied modem/router on PPPOE/DHCP mode, and when on bridge mode (using an ASUS router to handle PPPOE and DHCP) it averages to 13.20 Mbps down/1.12 up/7ms ping. All of the tests were done 3 times for each mode to attain the average. I’ve been observing the same trend at different times of the day since the upgrade, and not once I ever broke even the 13.5 Mbps mark.


      The modem shows a downstream rate of 15,359 kbps or 15 Mbps, but considering that the computer networking/internet itself has an unavoidable “protocol overhead”, and the overhead takes 15% of the bandwidth, this would result into just 13,055 kbps or 13.1 Mbps rounded up useable real-world bandwidth, which clearly is not the advertised max speed, since based on the allocated downstream rate and the constant protocol overhead rate, it is mathematically and realistically “impossible” to reach 15 Mbps, thus, the results stated above. If I'm not mistaken, my downstream rate should be AT LEAST 17,662 kbps or 17.7 Mbps, to be able to reach 15 Mbps, excluding the 15% protocol overhead.


      I’ve called your support line numerous times and the explanation of your CSRs/TSRs are so unacceptable, that I’m already requesting to gain contact with your back-end network engineer who is in-charge that could help me adjust my line profile correctly, but your support team- for some reason I don’t know, can’t/won’t/couldn’t let me gain contact to a more knowledgeable and higher personnel. I’m only requesting an increase of downstream rate so I can attain the appropriate bandwidth that we’re paying for, no more, no less. I know for a fact that you can increase my downstream rate even at 20,000 kbps and still limit me to just 15 Mbps, because the rate on my modem before the upgrade was around 10,000 kbps and I was capped at 7 Mbps (original plan 1,999), but I was getting all that 7. And even before we switched to Globe (due to lack of coverage), we were able to get our full bandwidth from PLDT, consistently. My knowledge about networking is limited but good enough to understand when something is not working right, and this service I’m getting is not right.


      Do take note, that “up to” is a preposition that is defined and used as a word to indicate a limit or boundary; as far as; capable of. So, given the statistics I’ve gathered above, your CSR/TSRs saying it can reach “up to 15 Mbps”, and all your ad material including your website, this is clearly a false and/or misleading advertisement, and a violation under REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7394 The Consumer Act of the Philippines, Chapter VI, article 110 it states:


      “Article 110. False, Deceptive or Misleading Advertisement. - It shall be unlawful for any person to disseminate or to cause the dissemination of any false, deceptive or misleading advertisement by Philippine mail or in commerce by print, radio, television, outdoor advertisement or other medium for the purpose of inducing or which is likely to induce directly or indirectly the purchase of consumer products or services.

      An advertisement shall be false, deceptive or misleading if it is not in conformity with the provisions of this Act or if it is misleading in a material respect. In determining whether any advertisement is false, deceptive or misleading, there shall be taken into account, among other things, not only representations made or any combination thereof, but also the extent to which the advertisement fails to reveal material facts in the light of such representations, or materials with respect to consequences which may result from the use or application of consumer products or services to which the advertisement relates under the conditions prescribed in said advertisement, or under such conditions as are customary or usual.”


      One of your TSRs which I asked and told me that I’m not the only one who’s complaining regarding this. You have your records, and there’s also the forum site tipidpc.com where there’s a thread exclusive to Globe Broadband Wired ADSL, people there are displaying the speeds they’re getting after the upgrade which are similar to the stats I’ve provided above. I’m a reasonable person, I’ve already wasted a lot of time and energy as it is and I don’t want to waste any more of those by filing a complaint to DTI and/or NTC, but there’s a lot of dumbfounded and unhappy subscribers that can back me up and turn an easily fixable complaint into a class suit.


      There are two possible solutions here, increase our downstream rate so we could potentially reach your 15 Mbps “up to” speed, OR reduce 15% from our bill. We’re paying for 100% of the service, not 85%, so we deserve every inch of it. I know that there are factors why we can never reach your advertised speeds due to different variables such as distance, location, congestion/time of the day, but we wouldn’t know if those factors are the ones limiting our speed, unless you increase my downstream rate because that seems to be the bottleneck area, so far, the results stated above are way too consistent, and as a firm believer of math and science, as I know you are too, we have to use this process of elimination to get the real results.


      My whole family and I have been a long time loyal customers of Globe, we all have postpaid plans and we never missed a single payment since the conception of our accounts, but I’m just asking that you do the same for us and our fellow subscribers.


      I hope I’m making myself loud and clear here, and I also hope that you understand this simple situation and you can provide us not an excuse, but a viable solution.


      Thank you very much.



      Adrian Urbano

      Modem Stats DHCP.jpg

      Modem (DHCP)

      Modem Stats Bridge.jpg

      Bridge Mode



      PS: If ever you're interested in helping me fix this problem, let me know so I can provide you my complete details.