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    Data usage


      How do we check or monitor our monthly data usage allowance?

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          For mobile subscribers, enroll your number at Globe | Create a wonderful world with Globe. then you will see it under your account information. You can also download the Globe App from Google Play and iTunes for on-the-go and faster data monitoring.


          As an alternative, you may also check it under the settings in your phone.

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              How about my Globe At Home with 100GB Capping?


              It seems that the system monitoring here is flawed... Just a while ago I was notified I have reached 60GB limit then after more or less an hour, I was informed by Globe autogenerated text that I have reached the 100 GB limit... In the first place, I dont see a monitoring facility to tell me I am reaching my limit...


              At least put a dashboard on the Modem page.. Or does it have already?