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    Unusual speed of my Plan 799 1 MBPS LTE


      I am confused. I am very happy with my current speed but this time, it confuses me. I check my Internet speed regularly using SpeedTest by Ookla. The typical speed was 1 to 2 MBPS. But last September 29, 2016 until now, my current Internet speed boosted up to a ridiculously 15 MBPS. On August 27, 2016, I contacted Globe customers service for an uograde to Plan 1,299 10 MBPS LTE. But until now they haven't installed it to my home. I called the customer service again and they said it was because my signal enhanced. But my signal status is only three bars. I also asked my current Plan and they said it's still Plan 799. I am very happy to be honest. I just want to know how did this happen. How long will this last?