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    Delinquent accounts and possible identity theft.


      Good day netizens! I'm here to post in behalf of my friend's concerns regarding application of a GLOBE Postpaid plan.


      After several years of being a prepaid subscriber, my friend decided to just apply for a postpaid plan to experiencing the perks from it. He applied at the SM MOA Branch and plan to take the Galaxy S7 Edge. Upon reviewing his application, the employee that assisted him said that he have delinquent account with outstanding balance of approximately P10,000. He was shocked as the employee confirmed that the account has the same full name of my friend but different address and birth date.The address is somewhere in Cebu and my friend haven't even stayed at there. The account was active 4 years ago in which he was just 17 years old. It means that he was not of legal age that time and it is very impossible to apply for a postpaid plan. The employee couldn't do something about it.


      If this is the case, will my friend have not anymore chance to apply for a GLOBE Postpaid Plan? The employee suggested to pay off the outstanding balance of the delinquent account but my friend is not willing to pay for a bill he was not aware and benefited of it.