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    What Happened to 20% capped speed?


      Back in jan 2016 i've decided to upgrade my speed after the implementation of LTE in my area, I am using the old plan 999 1 mbps with daily cap of 3 gigabytes. since console gaming has become digital formats and update and using to volume boost will let me pay 1500 pesos to 2000 pesos. I finally decided to go with 1599 5 mbps for lte.     Before upgrading to new speed i've made sure from daily cap to monthly cap that i will be capped with reasonable speed. ive asked thia with the representative helping me with this informatio - if I have used my 50 gigabyte mo allowance how much is the capped speed?         " it will 1 mbps sir aleast!, 30% to 20% of orig.          speed (5 mbps) this wont change the                      lowest  or capped speed within your 24                    month contract . - Since you can see from day one of my plan 999 you have been true retaining my daily cap, even you made new customers having monthly cap refresh. will it not change in the middle of my another 24 months contract, like changing my cap speed from 20% of orig speed to 3% ( rep told if I upgraded it will refresh the contract since i have remaining 1 yr for my  plan 999)           " no sir, even if that happend in the future             i assure you, you are will be retaining your                FUP at 20% if all data allowance is used                    until the contract ended"         With all said and clarified, we pushed through and upgraded my plan to 1599 5mbps download speed.         Got my new speed in less than 24 hrs.                 From that day all is good no worries from orig speed getting more than 5 mbps all the time. I did test my capped speed in my 1st month used my data allowance 3 days after it was refreshed 1.6 mbps (once again 1.6 MBPS) more than enough to cont to do my needs.         Every month up i can use up 50 gig allowance 5 to 7 th day but 1.6  mbps on lte modem is too good  for me alone. remaining days are still usable running 1.6 mbps. Hell ive even bragged this to my friends that is using other provider when they capped they have to bear 250kbps until their next refresh. -with 1.6 mbps (1,600 kbps)I can.           "browse the web load pics"           "use FaceBook"           "watch youtube at 340 to 480 p"           " download and upload files for my job"     Yes i am happy with it.     Starting july 2016 occationally getting 15 Mbps down and 5 up lasting for days even when i lnow im capped or will go back to current speed (5mbps or 1.6 if capped) if modem is rebooted (i thought globe is getting pretty well for upgrading the service, thinking they might implement this permanently in plan 1599 in the future ).       Well happiness ended this September 2016, used up my data allowance just in the 1st week running 1.6 mbps until the last week of Sept. noticed that my speed is running 158 kbps when speed test thought it was due to the storm. 3 days passed and no outage. i called reps told meight sys glitch, i was advised to wait for resfresh. if orig speed is back to 5mbps so wil be the 20% capped speed if not tech might be needed  . waited for a couple of days . October 1, 2016           - speed ok getting 5 mbps October 10, 2016         - intently used all my 50 gb allowance to see if my capped speed is back         -NOPE! down 158kbps up 43kbps         - did reboots no go     Finaly reported my issue, was told capped speed should be 20% of my orig speed. i love globe how they acknowledge their customer with the issues. next day tech came.  (this is not the 1st time i called for tech to trouble shoot. all previous techs are wonder full all issue resolved on a jiffy)     - but this one is different, i've alredy notified him I know i capped, main issue im not getting my capped speed.       " sir capped ka na d mo alam?"               "yes i know, but my issue is not im not getting my 5 mbps, but WHY IM NOT GETTING MY LOWERED SPEED THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE 20% OF 5 MBPS OR 1 MBPS?"       " sir ganito na ang globe if trottled ka wala nang silbe speed mo. mga kilobytes nlng bsta hindi na aabot sa mb" i've asked him to see what we can do. but says he cant to anything about this called multiple reps for it to be verified. all reps on chat, over the phone and people at local store are saying "yes sir, you should be getting still the 20% even you are capped." My issue still on going, countless tieckets open and unresolved they are advising me to change my plan to 10 mbps to see and maybe it will make my capped speed to be 2 mbps. most of the are unsured. they did not consider that trying that option can get me charge for a change of plan. what if i upgraded to 10 mbps and still gives me 500kbps or 200kbps instead of 20% 2mbps they are saying.       Globe i was happy with your service specially your 20% capped speed atleast it was reasonable for me sine its still usable. i want to still fight to stay with you. all i want ia to bring back my capped speed 250 kbps ahould not be used guys its the 2016 last time i have seen this it was 2001 when we are still dial. prove yourselves that globe is not like. if this continuea this will make all the loyal ones decide to give upon you Is this happening to yo also please let ua know