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    Regarding Cancellation of A Possibly Applied Postpaid Line


      I have a question. Some Globe sales agents visited my workplace and distributes promo flyers and I inquired about applying for the Huawei P9 plan 1499. They asked if I already have an exisiting account with Globe and told them yes, I have but as a Globe Tattoo DSL account and not postpaid mobile. They let me fill out the application form/brochure and told me they will verify if they can apply that P9 with my DSL account.

      Now I'm worried. Would that filling-out of my application form be pushed through? I was just asking if they could transfer my account name to a mobile postpaid. I'm worrying they might abruptly process that Plan 1499 registration even without me submitting requirements (I haven't provided them with my ID or any other document)

      I already called the customer care to let them know I'm not pushing through with that application and I was just on an inquiry. Do I need to go to the Globe Store to clarify it, too?