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    Note7 Global Recall


      I received my Note7 replacement unit last October 8, and three days after, I received a text message from Globe saying "Please allow us to retrieve your Note7 and replace it with a device of equivalent value. We will call you within 4 days to arrange for the pickup and replacement of your phone.  We are taking this matter seriously and will do everything we can to keep you from harm when using our service. As added precaution, please keep your unit turned off. Thank you for your understanding."


      Two days after this text message, I received a call from Globe. The rep asked me to choose between S7 or S7 Edge and the color I want. After I gave my answer, I was advised that since Globe does not have an available stocks at that moment it may take a week or two before I can receive the replacement. I went to Taytay Globe store on Oct 17 to ask for the availability of S7 Edge and again I was told "No Available Stock".


      So I would like to ask Globe who will take responsibilty? Maybe it's time for us my fellow Note7 users here in the Philippines to file a lawsuit so we can be properly compensated for this terrible inconvenience!


      Samsung and Globe informed consumers they would have to wait several days, and even weeks in many cases, before receiving a replacement smartphone. During this time, and as a result of, Samsung/Globe failed to provide us consumers with an adequate replacement and we us consumers continued to incur monthly device and plan charges from our cellular carriers for phones we could not safely use.