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    POOR customer service


                We have having a slow to nil internet connection for a week now. As per your customer representative we have talked to last last week, the reason is because we have already reached our limit. We find this totally unacceptable because of various reason, however because we badly need to use the internet, so my husband just requests for a boast of our internet data every now and then. Imagine the frustration of paying extra because of  your poor service.


                I’am assuming that you are recording all the calls, if so,  kindly refer to my call made to globe at around 9:10 last Sat, October 22, 2016. The call was handled by your customer representative named Michelle (with employee number ZTP00681). She initially talked to my husband who gave her all the verification details of the account holder. Since the account is under my name, Michelle said that she needs to talk to me. So the phone was passed to me. (Note: For such a long time this was the first time that a customer rep. had asked to talk to me since my husband is authorized to transact on my behalf ) After all the verification, I mentioned that we just wanted to request a boast of our internet data for the amount PHP 500. In order to do that, she asked me for the EXACT plan we availed of and the account number of the account as written in our monthly bill. I said that I don’t exactly remember our plan but it we normally pay for PHP 1600/month. Also, I said that I currently didn’t have the account number of my account since we are in transit and I don’t normally bring a copy of our bill everywhere.  She kept on insisting that she needs to have those details before she can add a boast to our account. We repeatedly said that we dont have a copy of the bill with us and actually,  we had already requested for the same thing the last time we called and we were not asked to give same information she is aking. I asked her that probably she can just ask for other information aside from those two (2 ) details which I obviously cannot give because of the above mentioned explanation. Still, she vehemently refused. She insist that I look for my bill or access my bill online (which I find stupid because the exact reason we were calling was because of the poor internet service).I asked for her supervisor repeatedly but she instead put us on long hold and only to come back and say that there is no available supervisor.


                        Right from the start, Michelle had already been inattentive and  unresponsive to all our questions. She only insist on what she wants without     

            being reasonable to the cries of the client. I am good paying client of your company and I   

            had NEVER been this disappointed to any of your customer representative. When the rest tries to be understanding and resourceful to the needs of  

            their customers, Michelle does the contrary.


                        Do me a favor Globe bring her back to training or just assign her somewhere. She is a huge disappointment to your brand.