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      This happened to me, my sim cant call and text just yesterday! I used my reward points to redeem CA20 from 4438. It worked well that night, but the next day I can't call or text anymore. It immediately ends the call when I attempt to, and gives an error when sending a text.


      These numbers are very important to us as we used it on all our for school, I don't want to buy another sim and use another number again. (I  bought another sim since I had to call some people yesterday.)



      PLEASE FIX THIS! FAST! I wish I had not used your reward points from 4438, may pera naman ako. I just thought it was fun to use my points kasi everyday may notification how many points I have. Better yet REMOVE that reward system altogether since its buggy and causes inconvenience.


      P.S. This will be gonna be my 3rd time purchasing a sim.