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    Reward points deducted but not redeemed




      I got the message below from 808 0 when I tried to redeem GoSurf299 for 150 points. The point was deducted from my Rewards balance and I got a message from 443 8 that I successfully redeemed a reward.


      "We're sorry, but we're unable to process your reward registration because you're subscribed to a promo that can't be used simultaneously with GOSURF 700MB. You can register to GOSURF 700MB once your current promo subscription expires. Thank you."


      When I tried to check my account status, I received the message below also from 808 0.


      "As of 2016-11-03, you've used up 5120.00MB of your 5120.00MB mobile internet allocation on GoSURF. Subscribe again to GoSURF for a worry-free surfing experience. Just dial *143# and choose GoSURF to register."