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    FUP or Data Capping Implementation (Evil Decision)


      Why FUP or Data Capping is being implemented on Broadband Plans?

      Broadband users are paying a fixed amount every month for their subscribed bandwidth. This bandwidth should be allocated to the specific  account and not be capped/limited. Its funny that they offer streaming services to be used on HD TV but they limit the data usage. Each broadband plan should act like a private room inside a building that no one should use and no one should limit because it is paid.  I think the reason they are imposing this FUP/data capping is for them to increase the number of broadband plans for their crazy increase of profit and not giving any considerations for their customers' hard earned money. Globe should be fair for their customer and not use such things as an excuse to implement this FUP. Globe should be pushing the slogan: "Live without limits".    Data Capping should be stopped.