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    why won't google play accept my payment


      This is the first time that this has happened to me.  Try to purchase an app on my Samsung note 5 and I get a message saying that my account is not eligible.  I just purchased an app yesterday so I am not understanding what the problem is.

      It would be great if someone could advise me on similar scenarios and resolutions.

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          hope these steps can help you resolve your concern.



          Step 1: Click on the Google Play App Store icon 


          Step 2: You can view the list of main categories and apps on the screen (as showed below). You can browse through the list of apps (free and paid) and select the one that you want to download.


          Step 3: Example: Selected the app that you want to purchase. You’ll see the details of the app – Name, Description, Price in Php (if any) and Support details (Developer details).

          Step 4: After clicking the price button, you’ll be redirected to a page for App permissions. This portion includes storage requirements and other details. You need to ‘ACCEPT’ the app permissions before proceeding to the next page.



          Step 5: After clicking the App Permission ‘ACCEPT’ button, you’ll see the name of the app that you want to purchase along with the price button.

          ***in the example, the price button is in dollars whereas for Philippines, price is displayed in Php. The amount in Phpdoes not include VAT. You’ll be charged and additional 12% VAT over and above the display price in Php). For example if the price of the app is Php100, you’ll be charged 100+12% = Php112.


          Step 6: Click on continue button (as in the previous screenshot). You’ll be directed to the Payment Options. Select the payment option of your choice.  For payment via Direct Carrier Billing, you need to select ‘Enable Mobile Billing’ or ‘Payment by Mobile Billing’, ‘Payment by Globe billing’, etc.


          Step 7: If you select payment by Mobile Billing or Globe Billing, an account verification page will be displayed. Wait for the account verification to be completed. Please see screenshot below:


          Step 8: Once the account verification process is complete, you’ll be directed to the registration process.  Registration process happens only once during your first purchase. Enter your billing details, phone number, name, and billing address.



          Step 9: Enter billing address



          Step 10: Billing Address is re-confirmed. Click accept.


          Step 11: After confirming your billing address, you’ll be directed to the ‘Terms of Service’ for carrier billing or mobile billing. The Terms and Condition is only specific mobile billing or Globe Billing option.).



          Step 12: After accepting the ‘Terms of Service’, you’ll be directed to page you see the app name along with the price details that you wants to purchase. The price is exclusive of VAT charge. You’ll be charged 12% VAT over and above the displayed price. You need to click on the BUY button to proceed with the purchase.


          Step 13: After clicking the BUY button, you’ll need to ‘Confirm Password’. You can also uncheck the ‘Confirm Password’ option (by selecting the Never Ask Me Again check box).



          Step 14: After entering your password, the purchase is complete and successful.


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