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    Moto Z Play


      Can we get this handset now? I'm planning to sign up Plan 1499 with 8400 cash out.  But the phones are nowhere to be found? Globe, do you have the devices or not?  Thank you.

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          According to the sales agent I talked fo at MOA, They already have stocks but still no prices for postpaid plans. It is a good sign though that there is a Moto Z demo at their store, as it is a sign that they will offer it someday

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              Actually, they only have stocks sa sales over the phone. 02 730 1010.


              They do have pricing already. 8400 cash out Plan 1499. 3600 cash out Plan

              1999. That's for Moto Z Play with included JBL Soundboost mod.


              For Moto Z with JBL Soundboost and Incipio OfftheGrid battery mod, it's

              19200 cash out  for Plan 1499 and 15500 for Plan 1999.


              I'm waiting for the delivery of my Moto Z Play with JBL Soundboost mod via

              Globe Plan 1499 as we speak.


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