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      Hi good day,


      I would like to ask for assistance regarding my difficulty verifying my DCB, cause i want to use it to buy in game items on the game im playing. I tried a couple of times, even tried restarting my phone but to no avail. So i decided to tried to contact customer support,  i checked your site on the issue of DCB verification problems and tried to call the hotline, I was answered immediately, took no less than minute, that was fast~, but i never expected what happened next, i ask the csr for assistance on my issue for verifying my DCB issue, the person said that its not their field, and i was disappointed, i politely asked for a question what to do next since i have no idea how to fix this, then this person replied again, "i dont know", i was expecting to be sent to other dept. of support that has the expertise to fix my problem but i did not i just said okay then and he just end my call right away... i never expected to be answered like that... i just want some clarifications on my issue, whenever this issue ca be resolved or not.. please help..