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    Globe Postpaid Plan Billing


      I am currently enrolled to MyLifestyle Plan 999 with GoSurf499 3GB data allocation since August 2016. I have no delay in payment and I am wondering why I have charges like these:

      Previous Balance: -1457.06

      Unbilled Charges: 893.75

      Current balance: 2003.43

      Outstanding Balance: 576.37


      I passed the 3GB data limit and i believe that GoSurf is AUTOMATICALLY  registered to ANTI-BILL SHOCK worth 1500 per month. I paid 1500 every month so why is it I still have charges like these? I have not availed other promos also and I barely use it for Call, just text sometimes. Can anyone clarify it to me. Thanks.

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          Your monthly total amount due would be the sum of the following:

          • [A] PHP 999 Monthly Service Fee
          • [B] Data usage in excess of 3GB (PHP 2 per MB, or Anti-Bill Shock cap)
            • additional PHP 1,001 (893.75 x 1.12) to meet the PHP 1,500 cap (499 + 1,001 = 1,500)
          • [C] Usage in excess OR charged on top of PHP 1 Consumable
            • Calls and SMS to other networks
            • Value Added Services, etc.


          If you heavily use data and always reach the Anti-Bill Shock cap, your minimum payment would be PHP 2,000 plus your usage in excess OR charged on top of the PHP 1 Consumable

          • [A] PHP 999 + [B] PHP 1,001 = PHP 2,000 plus [C] charges
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