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    Superhome phone still not activated; Crappy retention offer


      Its the 3rd day today since I requested for my superhome phone to be activate I was told that it usually take 24hrs for the super home phone to be activated but its been 3 days. did anyone experience the same?


      I availed of the retention offer of globe to upgrade my current plan to 10 mbps. They told me the area is serviceable and the request was on process. I called Nov 27 and called multiple times to follow up. They would just tell me that the issue has been escalated and wait for the follow which I doubt globe is doing I still end up calling them. Today I called them and was informed that the slots for 10mbps in my area is not available.  The CS wont even let me talk to retention he will just "email" daw for loyalty to call me. WTF globe


      Anyone has the same issue and what did you do guys? Thanks