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    samsung s7 edge recontracting


      I've been calling globe for 3months to recontract, but until now they still haven't process my request. I have my plan P999 since 2011, and my previous recontract has no problem. But this one is very disappointing. I've been calling to recontract for the same plan, for Samsung S7 edge, charge to bill. Phones are always out of stock. Then the first agent I've talked to went so close in processing my request (Samsung S7 edge is available) but only end up cancelling it because I had a credit limit issue, so I went to Globe store to have my credit limit increase. So I thought that will solve it. When I talked to another agent last Oct 22, she process my recontracting request (only Samsung S7 was available at this time), only to have it cancelled again! I wasn't notified. No one from Globe informed me. When I called on Nov 3, the agent told me she wasn't notified about it and when I asked to have it process again, agent told me that the charge to bill promo ends Oct 31, this is so frustrating that I opt to talk to a supervisor, and then what they told me was that I need to have an approval first to have it charge to bill. Really, Globe?